Celluloid Shakespeare Timeline

Hank Dobin has joked, that like a little kid with a hammer for which everything now requires hammering, he now thinks that everything he does requires a timeline.

Having proven itself so well in the winter 2014 course, Representations of Elizabeth, the digital timeline is now being put to use in a new course on Shakespeare on film, called Celluloid Shakespeare.  In this seminar for advanced English majors, students are each presenting several oral reports — about additional Shakespeare-adapted or inspired films we will not have the chance to study together, about important classic films, and about milestones in film history.   After each report, the student will complete a timeline entry.  By the end of the term, we will have a useful and fun Timeline of Shakespeare on film with well over 50 entries complete with music, movie stills, video clips, links to scholarship, and more.  It will be made available to the public and will continue to grow with additional postings as the course is offered again in the future.  A link to the Celluloid Shakespeare Timeline will be made available at the end of the fall term.