Celluloid Shakespeare Timeline Made Public

The Celluloid Shakespeare Timeline, a collaborative project of the ten students in ENGL 380 at Washington and Lee in Fall 2014, is now public.  With a rich, interactive design, the Timeline traces films adapted from or inspired by Shakespeare’s plays.  The bottom two bands of the timeline provide information about classic films (often with tie-ins to Shakespeare–for example Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? and Othello) and key milestones in film history (the advent of the talkies, the Production Code, etc.).  For each entry, the students have provided key information about the production of the film, a synopsis of the plot (when necessary), intertextual links with other films and texts, a history of reception, analysis, and accompanying images and video.

The ENGL 380 students did a wonderful job.  Nevertheless, with approximately 50 film entries, the Timeline is far from complete; the work has really just begun.  As Dobin teaches the course again over the coming years, each cohort of students will add more entries to continue filling in the rich history of Shakespeare on film.

Click here to visit the Celluloid Shakespeare Timeline.